Wenke vir dames wat alleen woon

DAMES WAT ALLEEN WOON šŸŸ£ Wees ekstra parraat en oplettend. šŸŸ£ Installeer ‘n alarmstelsel. šŸŸ£ Installeer beweging aktiveerbare ligte by alle ingange na jou woning en eiendom. šŸŸ£ Kry ‘n hond, dis ‘n goeie vroeĆ« waarskuwing. šŸŸ£ Installeer goeie gehalte slotte en maak seker jou deurraam is versterk. šŸŸ£ Leer om ‘n wapen te gebruik. […]

Top 10 things to watch out for

Here are the top 10 things to watch out for: 1. Unusual cars driving slowly through your neighborhood. 2. People walking and stopping in front of your home, especially if they take a picture of your home. 3. Marks or scratches on a door or window that indicate the locks have been jimmied or messed […]

Home security tips you probably didn’t know

Home Security Tips You Probably Didnā€™t Know ByĀ Alan Urban Whether youā€™re an experienced home defense guru or a complete amateur, the best way toĀ prepareĀ against a burglary or home invasion is to prevent it from happening in the first place. But no matter how watchful you are, sometimes you have to sleep, and some thieves know […]

13 Tips to identify and eliminate your blind spots

*13 Tips To Identify And Eliminate Your Blind Spots* IdentifyĀ andĀ eliminateĀ the blind spots around theĀ exterior of your houseĀ with the help of CCTV camerasĀ and beams. Ensure youĀ eliminateĀ blind spots by trimming back trees and lighting darker areas. AlsoĀ use burglarĀ bars and security gatesĀ to deter a breach. *CCTV Cameras* CCTV camerasĀ are your eyes outside and are ideal for monitoring entrances […]

Seven tips to keep your personal and home security safe

*SEVEN TIPS* 1. *At restaurants/ pubs/ shopping centres:* Keep your personal belongings out of sight in your handbag or other secure bag worn over your body. Never keep your cellphone in your pocket or flash cash around. Be aware of who is around you. 2. *In parks/ exercising outdoors:* Leave your valuables at home and […]

Vehicle theft

Vehicle Theft Garsfontein police are concerned about the high number of motor vehicles stolen lately. * Make sure not to leave valuables visible in motor vehicles. * Try to make use of all available security devices to protect your vehicle and park in secure areas. Toyota LDVs and VolkswagenĀ sedans were stolen the most. These vehicles […]

Spiking safety tips

The following safety tips are to be followed as a precaution when a vehicle has been spiked: ā€¢ Never stop your vehicle if you had a puncture while spiked, instead drive slowly to the nearest garage while contacting Gauteng Traffic Police. ā€¢ If you are stopped by a Traffic officer, demand to see their appointment […]


Veiligheids wenke tydens ‘n veld vuur / Safety tips during a veld fire Click here to readĀ https://nca247.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/BRAND-FIRES.pdf

Liefdadigheids Organisasies word geteiken in verneukspul

Groepe word op sosiale media geinfiltreer en so word die nodige inligting bekom wat veroorsaak dat ā€˜n Liefdadigheid Organisasie die slagoffer word van ā€˜n verneukspul. Lees verderĀ https://nca247.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/NCA-Scam-Alert.pdf

Smartphone theft growing trend in CBD

  In many cases, victims are not paying attention to their surroundings and are distracted by their electronic devices. Donā€™t use your cellphone in public, the Pretoria central police station has warned residents following a worrying increase in the theft of electronic devices. ā€œUsing a cellphone in public is one of the main reasons for […]