On 7 April 2022, “The Devi Show” exposed the criminal activities of Mr. Emile de Witt as well as Specialised Security Services’ successful arrest of Mr. de Witt. Journalist, Devi Sankaree Govender accompanied our team and our collaborators in this case. I t is a result of our team’s determination and commitment that this arrest was possible. We want to congratulate specialist investigator Mr. Morney Vos and our associates on the case, Captain Blackie of the Child Protection Unit of the Vaal Triangle, W/O Gerber of the Vanderbijlpark Detective Unit and W/O Kotze, of Barrage Police Station. The commitment of our investigators is unsurpassed and this has been evident in their comprehensive and thorough investigation of Mr. Emile De Witt. The continuous work do and the immense pressure placed on this perpetrator eventually facilitated a successful arrest.
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