KZN Reaction NCA
Time now 14:15
Date 22/07/2023

This morning at 11:06 I received a call from a farm manager in the Mooi River district, stating that a farm attack had taken place on the farm of a Mr T in the Middelrus area.

At 11:15, after having reported to NCA I drove to the scene of the attack.

It must be noted that once I left my homestead cellphone signal was almost non-existent, hence no communication with NCA until I returned home.

I arrived on the scene at approximately 11:45 to find that Nsele Ambulance Services had already picked up the victim and his wife to take them to St. Anne’s hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

The SA Police were already present on the scene and taking statements.

On weekends staff do not work on the farm so the men of the house went out to tend to the cattle, sheep and goats.

On returning they saw a taxi and it’s occupants in their yard and presumed that they wanted to purchase live stock.

The 4 or 5 assailants then produced fire arms holding the Family captive.

The victim, his son and the woman were then held captive.

The victim initially refused to open the safe but after taking a beating with a short knobkerrie complied.

One shot was fired by the assailants aimed at the daughter who was peering through a window.

Fortunately nobody was hit.

The assailants got away with firearms,
cellphones, a TV, and cash.

I left the scene at 12:45 and on arriving home I reported back to NCA.