Here are the top 10 things to watch out for:

1. Unusual cars driving slowly through your neighborhood.

2. People walking and stopping in front of your home, especially if they take a picture of your home.

3. Marks or scratches on a door or window that indicate the locks have been jimmied or messed with.

4. If you see tape over the lock, they might be checking to see if the tape is still there, indicating whether someone has come home.

5. Sometimes they’ll leave fliers in your door. If they see the fliers are still in the door days later, they’ll know that nobody’s home.

6. Sometimes they’ll abduct or poison a dog to ensure there is no noise when they break in.

7. They’ll often rifle through your trash for bank statements or other confidential information. If your trash has been disturbed, someone’s checking you out.

8. Burglars will often leave coded marks on a house as a record of behaviors or to identify soft targets. Be aware of any unusual marks that appear anywhere on or near your home.

9. A mysteriously broken window is often used as a test to see if a home has an alarm system or to determine if anyone is home.

10. If gas is mysteriously missing from your vehicle, that’s a definite sign that someone is messing around your house.

*Ways to prevent burglary*

•Install a good security system.

•Install exterior lights particularly lights that are motion activated.

•Either tell the post office to hold your mail or have someone get it for you.

•Shred all important documents before throwing them away.

•Don’t leave empty boxes for high ticket items like a computer or big screen TV at the curb with the garbage.

•Don’t announce to the world that you’re going on vacation on social media and don’t post pictures on social media while you’re gone.

•Don’t leave valuable items like a laptop on display through a window