We were notified by the Community chat groups that there is a burglary taking place in Durban North. Two suspects were spotted trying to break in through a window, however when the window broke the noise alerted the owner and therefor the owner contacted us. As this instance was taking place, loadshedding occurred in the area, no electricity whatsoever, it’s complete pitch black. They got spooked and left the scene on foot, traveling in a Northern direction towards to the N4, Durban North. Identification given to us, one gentleman with a black hoody, black back pack and gloves. Other gentleman had a red back pack, black hoody and gloves. After searching the area we apprehended one suspect, however the other suspect ran through the bush in a North Easterly direction towards Virginia and therefor we could not catch him, due to not having a visual on the suspect in the thick of the moeras in the area. The suspect that got apprehended were held till emergency services got on scene. Marshall Security was first to arrive on scene. The reigns therefor have been handed over to Marshall Security to do their job as for they are closely in contact with SAPS. The resident of the property did not want to lay a charge.


NCA KZN Response
Marshall Security
SAPS Durban North
Blue Security
Home Hawks Neighborhood watch
Rosehill Neighborhood watch

We would like to extend this message to all. Please send this message through to all local communities, whether it be CPF, Farm watches, Neighborhood watches and other Security entities, that it is a very big importance that a case is opened! The case needs to be opened by the owner of the property so that there is a record of this person that has been apprehended. Even though there is nothing that we can really charge this person with as he was not found with any stolen property, however his details on file, so if he does go into the area and causes another scenario where he gets caught, there’s a paper trail for different scenarios an attempts that this person has done to break the law. This gives authorities legal backing to fall back if the person is caught again. This is being PRO-ACTIVE regarding the fight against crime. The law needs to take its course if someone over steps the boundaries of the law. It also makes the hard work and effort from crime fighters worth the while. The correct procedures need to be in place that we can be of to best assistance on fighting crime!