13 April 2022

A NCA KZN Response Member’s little mini Doberman persistently woke him up and growling. He checked the back of my yard that is facing the Kildare Park and checked the front and there was 1 x Male standing close to our complex main gate. He tried to, what looks like to him, lift the main gate but couldn’t. So he climbed over the small entrance gate. That’s when the Response Member went out and confront him, but the suspect was gone. So he did a perimeter check of the whole complex and he noticed that his neighbor main garage door was open. Check from outside could not see anything. He phoned the owner to come see if all is in place as he did not want to go in without permission. Upon putting the lights on they found the guy hiding under the front end of the car. Ask the suspect what he was doing there he said coming to visit his aunt. SAPS was phoned. When Nite Owl came his story changed to someone was chasing him and he hid inside the garage. We are busy pulling video footage to see if it is true. When SAPS came he told the a third story that he was drinking and was on his way to school. And that I dragged him from the street to my house to abuse him. So we showed SAPS the house CCTV footage and that story became a lie and I changed the video he said. SAPS members took statements and said he is just an opportunist thief. So he is being processed.


NCA KZN Response Member
Nite Owl