NCA GP Reaction
3 November 2022

Returned to the collapsed mine structure of last night and noticed two(02) P4’s inside the hole.
With the help of members of GEMS SORT, Benoni K9 Search & Rescue, as well as Soweto K9 Search & Rescue and Beyers of National Crime Assist as well as members of the mine, the water was pumped out of the shaft and the members of the mine then supported and stabilized the Rock Face of the inside of the cave.
By means of Heavy lifting Equipment and manpower the P4’s was then retrieved under the debris and mud.
We then did a further search but did not find anymore P4’s.
P4’s were then brought to the surface and handed over to Pathology which was on scene.
Krugersdorp Station Commander as well as the Mayor was also on scene.
Members of the mine across the road was also involved with the rescue. All necessary role players on scene.
Inquest Case Number :56/11/2022 for last nights CAS for the 19 P4’s.
Case number for these 2 P4’s outstanding.

Departing from scene

Thank you for everyone’s involvement.