Success Report

Organizations involved:
– Help24 Secure T.R.U
– National Crime Assist

Date of Operation: 12/01/2024


This report details the successful recovery of a stolen vehicle reported by National Crime Assist and the subsequent apprehension of the suspect, a wanted individual, by Help24 Secure T.R.U.

Details of the Incident:

– Initial Information Received: National Crime Assist alerted Help24 Secure T.R.U about a stolen vehicle, referenced in Vanderbijlpark CAS 45/1/2024. The vehicle was reportedly seen in the Roodepoort area.

– Action Taken: Upon receipt of the information, Help24 Secure T.R.U, comprising team members Romeo2, Romeo3, Romeo4, and Romeo5, promptly initiated a search operation in the Roodepoort area.

– Recovery and Arrest: The team successfully located and recovered the stolen vehicle in Witpoortjie, with the suspect still present. Notably, the suspect was identified as a wanted person as per Bergville CAS 4/1/2023. This achievement was a direct result of the team’s coordinated and efficient operational response.

– Handover to Authorities: Subsequently, both the suspect and the vehicle were handed over to the Roodepoort South African Police Service (SAPS) for necessary legal procedures.


The swift recovery of the stolen vehicle and the capture of the suspect, a known wanted individual, highlight Help24 Secure T.R.U’s capability in responding promptly and effectively to criminal activities. The collaboration with National Crime Assist and Roodepoort SAPS was instrumental in the success of this operation.


Gratitude is extended to the team members of Help24 Secure T.R.U,  National Crime Assist and SAPS for their vigilance and teamwork. This operation serves as a testament to the impact of collaborative efforts in crime prevention and community safety.