3 May 2021

This morning 3 suspects were arrested after excellent communication and teamwork between the SCPF, SAPS CPU, NCA and private security companies.

A courier vehicle from Courier Guy was robbed at gunpoint in front of a CPF member’s house in Van Der Schyff Str, Annlin.
He gave all relevant information to CPF Control 1 on his CPF radio. Everybody reacted immediately.

The vehicle was spotted in Sefako Makgatho drive and was reported on the CPF radio.

SAPS CPU responded immediately and they, together with SCPF, NCA members and various security companies all worked together to give chase and make these successful arrests.

Hats off to Sinoville SAPS CPU (known as SAPS FOX), vigilant CPF and NCA members and our friends in Security

⭐️ Nothing is as powerful as an active SCPF members with a radio. ⭐️

Victim or volunteer – the choice is yours.