23 APRIL 2022

In the early morning hours of Saturday 23/04/2022 we received a call About an accident on the corner of the Golden Highway and Milton Street in Vanderbijlpark. NCA GP Responders contacted ER24 while on route to the scene. On scene we found two vehicles was involved, a BMW E90 Charcoal color and a white Volkswagen Kombi.
There were no serious injuries. When asking who was the driver of the BMW, the occupants said he ran away. The occupant of the BMW seemed to be intoxicated.
ER24 arrived on scene shortly after and done a check on all the occupants of both vehicles and left when realized there were no injuries.
Things got heated when questioning about the driver who ran away and SAPS was contacted and a reference number received.
Not long after the altercation with the passenger a white Mercedes Benz was on scene to tow away the BMW. They took off and some of the patrollers went along to see where they were going. The rest stayed on scene waiting for SAPS.
When SAPS arrived, we explained the situation and told them the patrollers followed the vehicle.
We drove with SAPS to the given address by the patrollers. SAPS handled the situation and not long after we escorted the driver of the Volkswagen Kombi to the SAPS Station to open a case.


NCA Response Members
ER 24