Friday 15 January 2021

We received a call that there was a motor vehicle accident and responded immediately and dispatched towing service that was nearby with request to see if there is any medical assistance needed.

On scene the vehicles was already moved and traffic could move freely.  We assisted in the parties changing details after establishing that no person was injured.

SAPS Pretoria North was closed due to Covid and a vehicle couldn’t be dispatched.  After taking pictures of both vehicles and ensuring that both parties are able to contact one another, we took one person involved to the Police Station but got instruction to go to the nearest Police Station.

We went to MIT MAK Motors and asked if they can pull the video footage of the accident for future references.  They kindly assisted.

16 January 2021 Zach de Beer drove the person involved to Wonderboom Poort and reported the accident and got AR number. 58/01/2021

Second person involved also did report AR 50/01/2021


Zach de Beer, NCA GP Reaction
MIT MAK Motors and all parties that have been involved