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🚨Incident Report🚨

Incident Type: Business robbery
Date: 10/05/23
Time: 19:30
Place: Unitaspark Supermarket
Reported by: V23

V23 has been called by Control to attend a panic at the above mentioned address.
Panic went of at 19:25 and V15 stood off at 19:29.
On arrival V23 confirmed that there was an armed robbery that happened and that there were 3 suspects armed with 9mm pistols and driving a white Nissan Almera.
According to the Client the suspects came into the Shop checking out the dog food and gas bottles.
They turned around and pointed the firearms at them and told them they must go down on the floor.
The suspects then came around the counter then went to the till opened it and took all the cash.
They continued taking a undisclosed amount of siggarettes, dog food, a big speaker and babby nappies.
The client managed to push the panic after the suspects went out the shop.
The suspects climbed in to the Nissan and chased away.
According to the Client the total of stolen goods are between R6000 – R7000

Client doesnt want to open a Case

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