George Svatos a 70 year man left his house at approximately 04h00 on 15/1/2021.
George was reported missing on 16/1/2021.
A big search was initiated by the Sinoville community, CPF, NCA the guys that are always helping the Pink Ladies with their sniffer dogs and various sectors of SAPS.

The dogs picked up George’s smells which lead into the Magaliesburg mountain. Unfortunately darkness caught up with us and we decided to stop the search till the next morning.
On 17/1/2021 at 06h30 the search continues.
The sniffer dogs picked up the sent again.
With great relief George was found save and unharmed.

Thank you to all the different sectors of SAPS, the Sinoville CPF, the NCA, the K9 guys and all other community members for their dedication and care.