SAPS Members got information about Illegal dog fighting.
I IP04 were notified about it and were ask to bring a couple off member that we trust to come and join.
We met at Boksburg North Station at 09:00am.
Boksburg North SAPS members join
SAPS TRT units also joined
Boksburg North CPF members
NCA members
IP04 WR04 East Rand.
Boksburg SPCA

We went to location were the dog figthing was being held. In Reigerpark by the mine dump sites.
Our information was wrong about the times they doing dog figthing so we were bit early for them. 2 suspect were founded with dogs but SPCA confirmed the dog were not part of figthing. They were released. So success was not that great
But the location was definitely confirmed and will be monitored.

NCA GP Reaksie members
Boksburg North CPF members
SAPS Boksburg North
SAPS TRT members