Date: 3 Mei 2023
Time of call: 09:23
Call type: House Robbery
Location: Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp
Description of scene:
4 Suspects follow the owner of the house. When he stopped at his gate. 3 Suspects jumped out with balaclavas, and the other one sat in the car. 1 Suspect hit the Owner with a Firearm on the head. The scene was preserved for SAPS. They have stolen the owners phone and jewelry.
The scene was handed over to SAPS. Investigation ongoing.
Resoures or Services on scene:
EC Security
Dowery Security
CPF Sec7
Piquant security
Number of patients and priority: 1 person. Head injury
Number of vehicles Involved: 1
Challanges: none.
General: The scene was handled quickly.