SPCA RANDFONTEIN & Westonaria wrote on their Facebook

Thank you community of Randfontein! Last night was seen how we can stand together when help is needed!

Last night Inspector Rene van Straten received a call from a very concerned owner about one of his animals that fell into a manhole. With assistance of our jack of all traids Collet, they were at scene within half an hour.

It immediately became clear this is not going to be a normal or easy rescue. With Rene who obtained a knee injury, and minimum options as it is long weekend, we did not have much hope. What was first thought is a goat, was approximately 4m down into the pipe, unreachable from the outside. The owner saying he even paid someone to climb down and try and get the poor animal out, with no success of even getting to a reachable distance from the animal. The water pressure was also starting to build up and we thought we are going to watch an animal drown.
We tried to stop water flow as much as we can and Rene started to panic call.

In less than half an hour, the first team of Sticks Anti Stock theft arrived. Plans was being made, every one getting a chance to climb down and maybe work a miracle. No luck. When hope started to get lost again, a second team from Afriforum Vleikop arrived with new ideas, energy and hope.
And then it started to spread like wild fire.

Calls and help offerings came in from all around from all types of rescue groups.

The West Rand fire department, under S/O MJ. Laubcher, arrived and a new plan again to try and flush the animal to the next opening was the next go to.

After another hour and no success, hope was getting lost again. Until the Randwest City municipality arrived! With their equipment we managed to hook the animal and drag out.

Huge sight of relieve and a round of applause when after two and a half hour’s struggle, the sheep is safely on dry ground!

We are just as relieved and thankful as the owner.
Thank you to each concerning call and assistance offering.

Thank you to everyone on site who wasn’t scared to get their hands and shoes dirty.

Thank you Beyers van Staden from National Crime Assist who got the help streaming in!

Where we were low on hope, the community stood in! 🙏
Thank you


To watch the rescue on video click on the link https://fb.watch/bTTRV-IHcU/