On Thursday 4/2/2021 at 21:00 we received messages on the Protea Reaction Team about w/app group and a call from the Protea Reaction Team about an accident on the corner of Raasblaar and Pendoring, Geelhoutpark.
When we got to the scene we found a Nissan Navara parked on a tree in front of a residential driveway. Driver and passenger where standing on the opposite of the accident on the other side of the road when I started inspecting the scene I found the driver was fine, but the passenger had a 5cm cut above his right eye. I took out my first aid kit and bandaged his head. The ambulances arrived on scene, but the passenger refused to be taken to the hospital. Then two towing company vehicles arrived on scene, but the driver refused them to remove his s vehicle till his brother and mother arrived. Marko, Anton and Chris arrived on scene for backup. The brother and mother arrived and refused for any of the towing companies to touch the vehicle and said that they would arrange their own towing. SAPS arrived on scene and spoke to the driver. Then another call come through and everyone on scene left except me, Wally, Marko, Chris and Anton. We watch them remove the vehicle and told them to remove the tree in front of the residential driveway. They were not happy, but did as they where told. We also heard that this wasn’t their fist time. After that we all left the scene and went home.
Thanks to the following people and companies:
Wally Grant and Chris Breetveld from PRT
Natalie Grant, Marco Judson, Anton Kellerman from NCA NW Reaksie
Anton’s Towing
Jake’s Towing
Rustenburg SAPS