Rape Incident, 03/24/2021

UV71 & ML1 received a call from our Ward Counselor @ 10.30am on the 03/24/2021 in regards to an elderly lady, 59 years of age who claimed she has been raped on Sunday, 03/21/2021 and knew who the perpetrator was. The Ward Counselor asked that it be kept off all major groups for privacy of the victim. UV71 & ML1 arrived at the said address at 10.47am and identified ourselves as NCA members and asked if we could be of any assistance. Both ML1 and UV71 followed all COVID and Scene safety protocol and the victim was appreciative with the assistance given and effort made to help her. Visible bruises noticed around her neck area, arms and legs along with broken finger nails. ML1 assisted in gathering information from the victim while UV71 notified SAPS and Trauma via Namola. All relevant information was passed onto the operator from Namola. The scene was secured as best as possible taking into consideration the incident took place on Sunday, 03/21/2021. The Trauma Counselor arrived at 11.15am. ML1 and UV71 stayed outside and off the property awaiting SAPS. The assigned female SAPS Officers arrived at 12:21pm, ML1 gave a brief hand over to the Police Sergeant and Captain who then proceeded to meet with the victim in presence of the Trauma Counselor. The SAPS team will also assist in arranging welfare to look into the case as the lady should not be staying on her own in her current frame of mind and health state as well as the current living conditions. ML1 and UV71 stood down at 12:35pm.

Resources that assisted:
SAPS Lyttleton
NCA Centurion Members, UV71 & ML1
Chaplin Trauma Services