9. Trespassing on Private Property, Meyerton, Gauten


As per complainant CV1, time 19:19 Friday Night 10 September 2021. 6 Suspects was Trespassing on Private Property, Where 2 of the 6 left with Alcohol & remainder 4 stayed behind on Private Property, where they then threatened the sercurity guard on site, Then 2 of 6 Left property as well with alcohol. The remainder 2 suspects stayed behind on Private Property, they harassed the sercurity guard for money to buy more alcohol as soon as DS11 arrived on scene, 5 Minutes later the 2 remaining suspects jumped over the wall Behind KFC and fled on foot. According to SAPS the 2 suspects that Fled from the property was earlier on 10/09/2021 at time frame between 12:00 & 13:00 were involved in the process of selling stolen goods. Suspects have not been found since they fled from the scene.


Charlie Victor 1 NCA GP Reaksie
DS11 NCA GP Reaksie
ROMEO 7 NCA GP Reaksie
TANGO 4 NCA GP Reaksie
MIDVAAL Peace Officer’s
Meyerton SAPS Officer’s
Meyerton CPF