A plea from a NCA Response Member

NCA support this insight!

“It is a of big importance that a case is opened! The case needs to be opened by the owner of the property so that there is a record of this person that has been apprehended. Even though there is nothing that we can really charge this person with, as he was not found with any stolen property, however his details are on file, so if he does go into the area and causes another scenario where he gets caught, there is a paper trail for different scenarios and attempts, that this person has done to break the law. This gives authorities legal backing to fall back on if the person is caught again. This is being PRO-ACTIVE regarding the fight against crime. The law needs to take its course if someone oversteps the boundaries of the law. It also makes the hard work and effort from crime fighters worth the while. The correct procedures need to be in place that we can be of the best assistance on fighting crime!”

Food for thought: NCA Response Members work pro bono assisting in case of emergencies, often, they crime related instances. Can you imagine the disappointment when a suspect was caught, only to be released because the prosecutor decided not to open a case at SAPS? They do their duty, please do yours.