Specialised Security Services is elated to confirm that the Wurban Ponzi Scheme owner, Willem Steenkamp, was arrested in Malawi on 17 October 2023. His direct family members, his wife, daughter and associate have also been arrested for their involvement in his crimes. SSS initially exposed the notorious racketeer for his fraudulent activities in South Africa. We exposed him on various previous occasions as a confidence trickster, misrepresentator, thief, fraudster and racketeer. Our insights into his dealings brought him to the attention of the Venezuelan authorities, who added him to the Interpol Red Notice Bulletin for his continuous criminal activities in their country as well. After a joint operation by the Malawian Fiscal & Fraud Police, Interpol National Central Bureau, FIU and Malawi Immigration, “Dr William Bilderberg” was arrested on 17 October 2023. They confirmed that “Dr William Bilderberg” is a pseudonym and that his real name is, in fact,Willie Steenkamp, who is a wanted fugitive on the Interpol Red Notice.
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