The Looting of South Africa
Earlier this month, the judges of the Constitutional Court
sentenced Jacob Zuma to 15 months in prison for ignoring an
order to appear before an official inquiry investigating the
corruption allegations he faced during his nine-year
presidency – especially his relationship with the notorious
Gupta brothers who fled South Africa in 2018 as the legal
noose closed in on them. They have all denied the
allegations, and Zuma insists that his political enemies are
using the courts to target him.
The catalyst was the arrest last week of Zuma, with his
supporters blockading major roads – the economic arteries of
the nation – as they demanded the release of their political
hero. Low-income levels and unemployment – standing at a
record 32.6% among the workforce and 46.3% among young
people – are seen as the ticking bombs that have exploded.

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