Goeie dag lede

Graag stuur ons vir u die volgende inligting van SSS deur. As daar enige sake is wat u wil deurgee aan SSS, neem kennis dat NCA geafflilieerd is met SSS, en dat ons u enige tyd sal bystaan om sake te herlei na SSS.

Mooi dag

Good day members

We would like to send you the following information from SSS. If there are any cases you would like to report to SSS, take note that NCA is affiliated with SSS, and that you can contact us at any time for assistance to redirect the cases to SSS.



S.A. Safety & Security

Specialist Investigators into Serious Violent and Serious Economic Crimes.
PSIRA Reg. 1590364/421949
Mobile: 082 447 6116
Fax: 086 585 4924
Email: mike@mikebolhuis.co.za


SSS Management: https://mikebh.link/team

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mikebolhuisofficial
Website: https://mikebolhuis.co.za
Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJ5d4GGD/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikebolhuis/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCggRny7ADSvi7M4NaOLwhhg


If you receive any information regarding Mr. Mike Bolhuis and or Specialised Security Services that causes you concern, contact Mr. Mike Bolhuis directly – to confirm whether the information is factual or not. Assumptions and hearsay information are NOT factual and must be examined to determine whether they are true or not.

*‼️‼️‼️RULES THAT APPLY‼️‼️‼️*

1.Upon appointment we require a formal mandate with detailed information and instructions.

2. The content of the cases and all communications (WhatsApp’s, Emails, Telephone Calls, Recordings, Voice Notes, or Any Other Forms of Communications and Administrations) between the investigators and the complainants are strictly private and confidential and are intended only for the parties involved. You are strictly forbidden from sharing the above-mentioned information with anybody at all, without the written consent of Mr. Mike Bolhuis.

3. Upon receiving this notice, you now agree to this confidentiality agreement, and you are therefore legally bound by it during and or after our investigation. This rule applies even if you choose not to make use of our services, or if you choose to terminate our services midway through the investigation.

4. Note that should you choose not to make use of our services – you may not under any circumstances use the name of Mr. Mike Bolhuis, or any of his Specialist Investigators or the name “Specialised Security Services (SSS)” as a means to achieve whatever end.


All finances must be discussed exclusively with Mr. Mike Bolhuis.
The fee structure and finances are determined by factors such as: Communications, Evaluations, Consultations, Risk Analysis, Travelling /Accommodation, Additional Specialised or Forensic Services, Cyber and Electronic Services, Total Time spent and the final Report.


1) All WhatsApp messages and SMSs previously sent to us, as well as the complete case must be sent per email to Mr Mike Bolhuis at – mike@mikebolhuis.co.za as well as to the SSS Specialist Investigator in charge of the case.

2) Send proof of payment per WhatsApp and per email to:

i. mike@mikebolhuis.co.za and to
ii. the SSS Specialist Investigator in charge of your case.

3) Once your complete case has been received, with all the necessary information as stipulated above, the lead investigator in your case will contact you to confirm and then proceed with the investigation.

4) Take note of the following: owing to current circumstances: Covid, Load Shedding, serious violent crime situations (like looting) and the closing of the government infrastructures – courts, police stations and municipalities or government institutions, cases and investigations may take longer than usual to complete.

Do not hesitate to contact me at any time regarding the investigation.

Mr. Mike Bolhuis