Media Statement

South African Police Service
Office of the Provincial Commissioner North West

POTCHEFSTROOM – As part of ensuring safety and security during Easter, members of the community in the province are urged to work together with South African Police Service (SAPS) and other security forces.

This is the period in which crime normally escalates and requires effective policing and vigilance by the police to prevent and combat it through enhanced visibility including safety on identified national roads and within residential areas to ensure that those who travel, visit or stay within the boundaries of the province are safe. As a result the public is therefore reminded that due to COVID-19 pandemic, the country is still under the Adjusted Level 1 Lockdown regulations in terms of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. 57 of 2002). Thus, members of the community are duly advised that the law including compliance with the regulations is still applicable and everyone has an obligation to comply.

The provincial police management noted with concern apparent disregard of the provisions relating to event risk categorisation in accordance with the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No. 2 of 2010) by some event organisers while organising events. Without first receiving responses of whether their applications to hold events are approved or not, some of the organisers, publicise events, thus, contravening the provisions of both the Recreational Events Act and the Disaster Management Act; COVID-19 regulations. These actions constitute serious criminal offences and those who fail to comply will be dealt with accordingly.

While the police have been deployed to ensure safety and security as well as to stabilise identified crime hotspots and to enforce Lockdown Regulations, an urgent request is made to the public to take heed and apply the following safety tips:

Avoid social gatherings that do not comply with the Disaster Management Act Regulations.
Do not leave your residences during curfew times unless you have been granted permission.
Do not drink and drive, avoid speeding by leaving your departure point on time.
In case of pedestrians, do not drink and walk on or along the road.
If you know that you will be away for a longer period, do not leave your house unattended, rather leave another person to take care of it or report your absence at your police station so that the police can make turns at your place during patrols.
To avoid hijackings, know your destination and be alert if you get lost.
Never leave keys in the ignition when alighting the car to open the gate.
To avoid mugging, if you are waiting to be collected, do not wait outside. Always try to wait inside a building.
If possible, avoid walking alone. Your best defence is having other people nearby.
If you walk alone, plan your route carefully and stay in well-lit areas as much as possible.
Motorists are warned to exercise caution, be alert and avoid at all costs giving lifts to hitch-hikers as some of these people victimise the same motorists who offer them lifts by robbing them.

Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone