Vehicle Theft
Garsfontein police are concerned about the high number of motor vehicles stolen lately.

* Make sure not to leave valuables visible in motor vehicles.
* Try to make use of all available security devices to protect your vehicle and park in secure areas.
Toyota LDVs and Volkswagen sedans were stolen the most.
These vehicles are being stolen all over the precinct and not necessarily in one specific area.
Motor vehicles are mostly stolen in shopping centre parking lots as well as pavements in front of residences.

Police provided the following tips:
– Vehicles should be parked in locked garages and yards.
– Do not park vehicles on the driveway as anyone can gain access into the vehicle.
– When parking at shopping complexes be aware of your surroundings.
– Communicate with the security guards on the premises (shopping complex) when you see a suspicious vehicle.
– Report suspicious vehicles/persons in your area.
– Only take a photo of a suspicious person if it’s in a safe environment.
– You are not allowed to post photos of car registration numbers on any social network.

Garsfontein police concerned about car theft