On 8 May 2020 Sinoville Police Station, Security Companies and NCA operating in the Sinoville precinct, combined resources in a massive Crime Prevention Operation.

Captain Verster, better known as our very capable SAPS 7 coordinated the effort from the ground while the Fidelity helicopter allowed for a bird’s eye view of areas with difficult accessibility like open fields.

Sinoville CPF Sector 1 would like to thank Sinoville SAPS, Exec Ops, Fidelity, Night Guard, Computor Alarms, ZGS and NCA for remaining vigilant and active while Patrollers are adhering to lockdown regulations.

While we are in Lockdown, crime is not, and thankfully neither are our hero’s in blue and their private security colleagues.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in keeping our Community safe!

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