⭐‼️ SUCCESS‼️⭐

1 August 2020

Around 2 am on community radio call jumper in sector 1 Galtonia Street Sinoville.

Exec Ops security and NCA-REAKSIE stood off holding perimeter firm awaiting for hole community.

Saps to join and as a team close perimeter and less then 15 Min joined effort jumper 1 x BM arrested on scene more then 30 cars (Exec Ops RD2 and RD3 (NCA X 2 Ockert and Hendrik) 4x SAPS vehicle’s..25 CPF) stood off and everybody had a festival attitude and extremely  happy with team work from EXEC ops SAPS and CPF

Well done and thank you to everyone involved.

A united community is a thriving community

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